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Updated: Oct 15, 2023

The New Moon Ring of Fire Eclipse of October 14, 2023: SAGITTARIUS RISING Experience Question: WHO are MY PEOPLE?! **You can use your Sun and Moon as more of a Sub-Plot**

On October 14, 2023, a powerful astronomical event, the Fire Eclipse in Libra, will occur, and it holds special significance for those with Sagittarius rising. This eclipse takes place in the 11th house of the zodiac, which is associated with social cycles, networks, friends, groups, allies, and benefactors. It's also about your hopes, dreams, and aspirations, as well as rewards and recognition for your efforts, such as increased wages from work. This house speaks to your ambitions and how you interact with others to achieve them.

What's particularly intriguing about this eclipse is that it sets the stage for a theme that will resonate through all moon cycles until January 2025. The monthly moon cycles between solar eclipses will echo the profound changes initiated.

In the realm of the 11th house and its association with gifts, gain, and increase this eclipse takes on a fascinating dimension. It brings the prospect of gifts, gains and increase. They may be in the form of recognition for your work or financial rewards. The universe seems ready to bestow its gifts upon you, and these gifts can come not only in material wealth but also in the form of personal growth and self-realization. The eclipse cycle encourages you to acknowledge and embrace these gifts with gratitude.

However, this journey is not without its internal dichotomies. As a Sagittarius rising, you might find yourself torn between self-reliance and seeking assistance from others. The 11th house represents the arena where your friends and allies can either support or hinder you. It’s where you must confront the question of comfort or discomfort in petitioning others for help. The eclipse may lead you to reflect on your self-sufficiency both emotionally, financially and psychologically and your willingness to reach out to your social network when needed.

It's important to recognize that asking for help when necessary is not a sign of weakness but a testament to your strength in seeking support when you require it. The fire eclipse serves as a reminder that your community, friends, groups, and allies are there to uplift you and you can feel comfortable leaning on them when facing challenges or pursuing your ambitions. It’s a time of introspection and growth, where you can transform discomfort into empowerment by finding the right balance between independence and collaboration. As you navigate these complexities, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your own resilience and the strength of your social bonds.

This period may feel like a time of duality. You might find yourself in two different places regarding the attributes and patterns associated with the 11th house. This is a time of self-discovery, where you'll learn who your true friends are and identify the people with whom you want to share your community.

As a Sagittarius rising, you'll be prompted to question who truly aligns with your life’s dreams, hopes, and ambitions. This eclipse will encourage you to refine your social circles and adapt to a different social atmosphere. It's an opportunity to discern who your people are and redefine your sense of community. This process will take place over the course of the upcoming moon cycles, helping you create a stronger and more authentic network of friends, allies, and benefactors. Embrace this transformative period, for it holds the key to your growth and social evolution.

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