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The VIRGO RISING Experience: WHAT do I VALUE?!

The New Moon Ring of Fire Eclipse of October 14, 2023: VIRGO RISING Experience Question: WHAT do I VALUE?! ** You can use your Sun and Moon as more of a Sub-Plot**

On October 14, 2023, the cosmos presented a remarkable celestial event - a new moon ring of fire solar eclipse. This celestial phenomenon held significant implications, especially for those with Virgo rising signs, as it highlighted their second house, where the astrological influence of Libra reigns.

The second house, often referred to as the house of resources, encompasses various aspects of our lives. It represents the resources we aim to cultivate, including money, time, energy, and the people and things that contribute to our self-esteem and sense of self. This house revolves around the ability to put oneself out there to make money, meet new people, and forge connections that can aid personal development.

Under the eclipse’s influence, themes pertaining to the second house come to the forefront. For Virgo rising individuals, this might trigger a period of self-doubt where you question both your sense of self and your ability to partake in lucrative pursuits.

This is a valuable moment for introspection. Take a closer look at the amenities and possessions that encompass your life; do they contribute to a sense of harmony and equilibrium? Your surroundings play a vital role in shaping your self-esteem and self-concept. When you’re in an environment that fosters a sense of well-being, it can boost your self confidence and empower you to actively engage in wealth-building endeavors. Your material world serves as the backdrop for your journey toward financial success and self-assurance.

Venus, as the ruling planet of Libra, plays a crucial role in this part of life. Its influence may manifest in the form of financial investments, intellectual pursuits, or emotional growth. The second house, in essence, represents income, expenditures, and the potential for future growth and gain. It also signifies assets and people who can contribute to one's journey like lawyer’s, financial advisors and people who personally aid you.

However, with Virgo rising, the quest for perfection can be a characteristic trait. It's vital for Virgos to recognize that expertise comes with time and experience. At the start of this journey, you may not feel adequately informed, but that's perfectly fine. Take the time to research, study, and utilize your resources to cultivate your goals.

Virgo rising individuals are known for their diligence and commitment to becoming experts in their chosen fields. This eclipse period calls for patience and gratitude as you embark on this path of self-improvement. It's a time of transition, where you are gaining insights and growing. Embrace it as part of the journey towards your goals.

In conclusion, the new moon ring of fire solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, casts a spotlight on the second house for Virgo rising individuals. As you navigate this transformative period, remember that the resources you seek to cultivate include not only material wealth but also self-esteem, self-improvement, and the expertise that Virgos strive for. Embrace this time with patience and a sense of gratitude for the growth that awaits.

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