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Reflections under the Gemini Full Moon: Am I CURIOUSLY EXPLORING between the black and white to see

Reflections under the Gemini Full Moon: A Continuation of Awakening

Question for Reflection: Am I CURIOUSLY EXPLORING between the black and white to see the SPECTRUM of POBBIBILITIES?!

We find ourselves beneath the enchanting glow of the Gemini Full Moon, which occurred early this morning, November 27, 2023, at 2:16 AM Mountain Time. In this dance, we journey back to the seeding point—the New Moon in Scorpio on November 13, 2023. It's here that we planted intentions, faced the cosmic disruptor Uranus, and set the stage for a transformative journey. Now, under the influence of the Gemini Full Moon, we revisit those seeds and explore the ever-flowing axis of Gemini and Sagittarius.

Gemini's Expressive Flow:

With the moon in Gemini, emotional currents are guided by expressiveness, curiosity, and a youthful energy. Gemini, a mutable air sign, seeks to explore all facets of life with childlike wonder. The duality within Gemini encourages a broad perspective, embracing the shades of gray between black and white. The challenge lies in focusing the abundance of information into a cohesive understanding. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, embodies intelligence, communication, and a love for debate. It's a sign of students, teachers, and guides, but may sometimes struggle with distractions, excessive words (especially about others!) and maintaining focus.

Sagittarius' Fire and Wisdom:

In the axis of polarity, Sagittarius emerges as a fire sign, passionately ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius seeks wisdom, adventure, and optimism. It is a realm of hope, where philosophical orientations and intuitive truths unfold. While embodying redemption, Sagittarius can verge into zealotry and fundamentalism, forgetting that it's not the sole possessor of all knowledge. Sagittarius craves deeper meanings, relying on symbolic systems and intuitive exploration. In the quest for ideals, this sign can act as a bridge between the profound and the everyday.

A Pause for Wisdom:

Before delving into the Gemini Full Moon, a moment to reflect on the week of the New Moon in Scorpio becomes imperative. Amidst the depths and transformative energies, it was a period of seed planting, life-altering transits, and the cutting away of old patterns.

To fully embrace this Full Moon and all it offers please revisit my blog series named:

A Week of Powerful Energies hosted on my blog page (link below) or my business Facebook page-

Looking back on the blogs, which encapsulated the transformative currents surrounding the New Moon in Scorpio, I find myself astounded by the insights. My personal journey, marked by the ebb and flow of energies, has been worth contemplating. Seeds planted during the New Moon have sprouted into nuanced understandings, and have unveiled layers of self-discovery. Navigating the depths of Scorpio, embracing the challenges, and now standing under the luminance of the Gemini Full Moon, I see the threads connecting. It’s a testament to the power of reflection and the energies that surround us.

The Dance of Emotions and Intellect:

Now, with the Gemini Full Moon, emotions and intellect engage in a dance. The air sign's expressiveness may clash with the depth of emotions, yet by following the moon's intuition and allowing the mind to wander with curiosity, insights can unfold. The opposition inherent in a Full Moon invites us to reconcile the desires of our life path (Sagittarius sun) with the emotional and instinctual aspects (Gemini moon).

Mars and the Sun Reset:

An intriguing facet of this Full Moon is the presence of Mars alongside the sun. Reflecting on the prior blogs about Mars and the sun reset provides a deeper understanding of the energies at play. As we navigate the full moon's revelations.

Sagittarius' Breath of Air:

Exiting the profound depths of Scorpio, the Sagittarian energy offers a breath of air. Hope and optimism reign, reminding us to look back at the seeds planted during the New Moon. While challenges may persist, there is hope in the progress made. Sagittarius follows Scorpio for a reason – a transition from deep transformation to a revitalizing breath.


As we stand beneath the radiance of the Gemini Full Moon, the journey of cosmic awakening continues. It's a moment to reflect on the seeds planted during the New Moon in Scorpio, embracing the duality of Gemini, and seeking the wisdom and hope offered by Sagittarius. The dance between emotions and intellect, the oppositions within, and the ever-flowing river of the energies guide us through this transformative cycle. With hearts open and minds receptive, let us continue to explore, learn, and embrace the authenticity of our cosmic journey.

LOVE YOU ALL and Embrace All of YOU!


A week of Powerful Energies series of Blogs from November 8 – 15th, 2023. These are hosted on my blog page at:

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