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A Week of Powerful Energies, Insert #5: What am I PURGING?!

Title: A Week of Powerful Energies: The Mars and Sun Synodic Cycle

Question for Reflection: What am I PURGING?!

Navigating Cosmic Waves

As we emerge from a week of celestial intensity, marked by planetary dances and lunar cycles, it's essential to reflect on the cosmic energies that have shaped our experiences. Personally, I found this weekend to be a challenging yet illuminating journey, a testament to the symbolic power of planetary transits.

The recent conversations with the Sun, Moon, Uranus, and Mars have left their imprints, stirring powerful reactions. It's crucial to recognize that these energies serve as mirrors, reflecting our inner landscapes. In my own journey, the influence of Uranus brought about profound realizations and the shockwaves of self-discovery. While I strive to understand and navigate these energies through articles and descriptions, I acknowledge the ongoing process of my own growth.

Before delving into the upcoming Mars-Sun conjunction, take a moment to reflect on the aftermath of the recent transits. How have you weathered the energetic storms? Personally, I found the weekend to be a testing ground, revealing areas of growth and areas needing attention. It's crucial to remember that these energies don't dictate our actions; rather, they offer insights into our inner dynamics. Personally, I’m exhausted! This also brings us to another significant juncture—the Mars-Sun conjunction.

The Mars and Sun Synodic Cycle: A Time of Deep Purging

As we navigate the complex web of celestial influences during this transformative week, one of the pivotal moments arrives on November 17, 2023, as the Sun and Mars conjoin in the intense sign of Scorpio. This celestial alignment marks a critical juncture in the synodic cycle of Mars and the Sun. To truly grasp its significance, let's explore the concept of synodic cycles and how it relates to our inner journey.

A synodic cycle is a recurring astronomical event involving the relative positions of celestial bodies, typically a planet and the Sun. This cycle signifies a fresh start, a new phase, and it holds the power of both purging and renewal. It's a time when we confront the shadows of the past and prepare to embark on a new cycle, leaving behind old patterns. This conjunction signifies a fresh start, a cosmic reset button that invites us to reassess our goals and life trajectory.

As the Sun and Mars conjoin in Scorpio, we find ourselves in the midst of purging the old cycle of Mars. This purging can manifest as moments of self-deprecation and internal struggles. We may become acutely aware of how Mars, the god of war and determination, has influenced our lives. This awareness allows us to confront our past actions, especially when they were driven by anger or impulsivity and move on to a fresh understanding full of possibilities.

Discovering the Personal Meaning through your Chart

Now, with the Mars-Sun conjunction approaching, we're at the dawn of a new cycle, purging the remnants of the one that began in October 2021 in Libra. This purging and thoughtful consideration begins now as the conversation is already within the range of beginning the peak. Consider the changes you've experienced during this cycle. Reflect on the impact on the areas of your life represented by Libra in your chart.

· Where do I see change?

· Can I see the impact of Mars in that area of life for me over the past few years?

· What growth am I bringing to this new cycle?

· Where do I desire to see change?

· How can newfound assertiveness align with my life goals?

As we transition to Scorpio, locate Scorpio and Aries in your chart—houses ruled by Mars—and contemplate the themes they signify. Ask yourself the same questions both going back to the last cycle in Libra and then moving forward to make conscious goals for the future cycle beginning Friday.

The position of this conjunction in your birth chart is paramount. For example, if this occurs in your 12th house it signifies a journey into the depths of your unconscious mind. You may have or will unearth hidden patterns and forces that have long remained in the shadows. What am I not seeing? Is a great question to ask concerning this house. If you need help understanding a good question for where this occurs in your chart please reach out. This inner exploration is essential for growth and transformation.

This new lengthy cycle, extending into 2026, parallels the phases of a moon cycle: a beginning, a full moon moment, and an ending or purging. We are at an ending or a purging, while at the same time experiencing a beginning. The full moon moment occurs January 2025 and we will end and begin again January 2026. This Mars cycle invites us to set intentions for assertiveness and personal growth. I love keeping a journal for these longer cycles as they show deeper changes that I normally wouldn’t remember or see.

Adding the New Moon Layer

This profound astrological period closely aligns with a New Moon in Scorpio that happened early Monday morning, November 13th, 2023. Many of you create rituals and set intentions, as the New Moon signifies new beginnings. Even though it’s over and you may have already set those intentions it’s not too late to add a few related to this celestial conversation. It's an opportunity to release what no longer serves you, particularly in Mars-related aspects, such as your drive, determination, and any unresolved anger or fighting tendencies.

Mars also carries the weight of self-betrayal, especially when actions leave you feeling embarrassed or ashamed. This period challenges you to confront these feelings and transform them into positive change. You have the power to evolve, both for yourself and for the betterment of the world. The energy of Mars can be harnessed to pursue your desires in a constructive and conscious way, avoiding actions that could lead to self-inflicted wounds or harm to others.


As we ride the waves of these celestial events, may we find clarity, strength, and purpose in the ongoing journey of self-discovery. In essence, the synodic cycle of Mars and the Sun in Scorpio offers an opportunity to delve deep into your psyche, confront past actions, and make profound changes. By embracing this transformative energy, you can turn it into a powerful force for growth and self-improvement. So, as we approach November 17, take time to ponder, set intentions, and prepare to navigate this cycle with awareness and self-compassion.

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