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Strong energy warning - a guide to keeping situations from exploding!

This weekend we have arguably one of the strongest energies of the year. (In astro jargon: a T-Square between Jupiter, Mars and Pluto with Jupiter being the apex- no need to pay attention to this if it’s foreign to you!)

We also have a New Moon at 28.25 degrees Taurus today, Friday, May 19, 2023 at 9:53 AM MT which means this new moon cycle from today through June 17 at the time of the Gemini New Moon will carry this theme.

The energy this weekend has a few moving parts coming in shifts – but they work together and it is all in play now. It began building last weekend and will continue through Tuesday, May 23, 2023.

Jupiter is a part of this energy along with Pluto and Mars. They are forming what is called a T-Square. This shape consists of 2 conflicting energies forcing you to take action. These energies are inward and not anyone's fault. The 3rd energy is caused by outward forces (people, situations, others) which cause you to make a decision. Below is a list of the 3 energies involved and what they represent in no particular order. The name of the planet bringing the energy is listed, it's motivation, followed by Archetypes and then descriptive words. These lists are to get you thinking about your life while putting ideas and themes together.

On a personal note, I have found that all Archetypes and Descriptive Words have both pro’s and con’s to them. I have tried to represent both sides in the lists. If you think of others definitely comment/reply and we can continue building.


Goal -

Personal Expansion, Meaning

Archetypes -

Seeker, Zealot, Missionary, Crusader, Fanatic, Philosopher, Architect

Descriptive Words -

Exaggerate, Expand, Faith, Hope, Redeem, Enthusiasm, “I Can Do” attitude, Abundance, Self-righteousness, Confident, Planting seeds, Potential, Promise, Optimism, Inspiring idealism, Esteem, Belief, Risk, Integrity, Perception of life


Goal – Regeneration

Archetypes -

Alchemist, Psychotherapist, Destroyer, Phoenix,

Descriptive words –

Nuclear, Riches, Deep, Powerful, Transformative, Explosive – slowly building, Voltage, enhancer, Unseen deep drive, Renewal, Cleansing/healing, Obsessive, Death – can be of ideas, Forceful, Evil, Underworld, Destructive, Titanic, Intense, Purging, Power, Dominance, Release, Shadow, Facing destiny, Facing your demons, Effort for good of collective, Life themes coming to surface to get you back on your path, Slow excruciating change, Forces you to dig deep


Goal - Personal Will

Archetypes –

Liberator, Knight, Warrior, Bully, Hero, Pioneer, God of War, Athlete

Descriptive Words –

Aggression, Anger, Fighting, Courage, Manipulation, Knowing what fighting for, Strong force, Effective, Gets you out of bed, Action oriented, Explosive – fast, Rage, Prone to explode, Will power, Determined effort, Sex, Individualistic effort, Injury/Accident, Cuts/Severs, Conquer, Compete, Exert, Competitive, Initiates, Assertiveness, Independence, Reactive

Look at these lists and ponder your life. Can you see any of these themes in play? Start playing with making sentences between them. You can break it down and start with 2 and then progress to all 3. Let your intuition guide you. Everyone’s set up of characteristics and instincts so different that I must give generalized guidance.

Examples of Sentences:

I feel a deep anger in me that seems to be more exaggerated than normal and I may explode.


I feel so confident in my decision that my will and drive will not be deterred.


As I continue working on my shadow with hope and faith, I'm feeling a change in me that could bring deep riches - both figuratively and literally.

Write out your sentences. Ponder what decisions could be made?

Below is a guide as to how these planets are interacting with one another.

Mars and Pluto: Take the themes listed between these 2 energies. Do you see where other people are involved? Where do you feel pushed to make a decision? This is an energy that can put you in an aggravating situation to see if you keep your cool. Have you felt like you might snap and lose your *^$@ on someone else? Jupiter to Pluto and then Jupiter to Mars: Look at the lists to see if you are feeling some of these energies inwardly increasing . Do you see any action you have taken? These can consist of two very different directions you are wanting to go. The words between the two planets can guide you on how to direct the energy to help you create movement in life.

All Three:

Put the themes together in your life. What are the decisions you are making because of others AND the inner strife you feel? If you can, put together the places others are involved causing you to make decisions. How are those decisions affecting your actions? Are you doing this subconsciously or consciously? Like I said earlier this energy continues through the weekend and into next week. It can be an intense time with blow ups or it can be an extremely empowering time if you understand what is happening and how to use it in your (and the people around you) best interest.


  1. Use the Serenity prayer – this is always a good one to use when Mars is around. Adding Pluto makes it more advantageous. Where do you have power to make a difference and where must you have faith and hope (Jupiter).

  2. Strategize – Look at your schedule. What do you have coming up? Think about the key words and how these could affect the situations you will be in. This might be a weekend to skip some activities or have a mental plan on how you will deal with certain people. What brings down your defenses? When do you tend to fight? The next few days you will want to consider if you want to drink or partake of other mind-altering substances.

  3. Remove Yourself - If you start feeling like things might get out of control excuse yourself and find somewhere to be alone. Take some deep breaths to calm yourself. Go for a walk. Exercise. Whatever it takes to calm your system.

  4. PLAY IT SAFE – This is not a time to take unnecessary risks. If you are going out, make sure you have level headed people with you. Don’t go places alone. If you are walking to your car, take 2 people with you so they can walk back together.

  5. Watch for abuse of power. We could see major shadows with people who hold power in society. On an individual bases watch your own projections and shadow. Show healthy displays of strength and assertiveness.

  6. Mitigate, mitigate, mitigate! I’ve been using energetic creams that help with these energies and it’s made a world of difference. I’ve also been drinking Nettles tea which is a homeopathic remedy that relates to Mars and Pluto. If you have crystals, herbs, candles for intentions.... Use whatever you are into, that you feel drawn to or know helps. When we take action to ease what could be conflicting energies within us the universe responds.

I apologize if this sounds dooms day but I would rather have the more positive outcomes than anyone putting themselves in a tricky situation. There are some fabulous, life changing energies that can come from this time as well.

The AWESOMENESS that can come from this energy:

  1. This can be a time of great transformations.

  2. You could stick up for yourself in a situation that feels empowering.

  3. There can be breakthroughs, victories, relief from something that has been causing much grief in your life.

  4. Transformation, alchemy is here for the taking if you keep a cool head!

  5. You can have intense passion and drive.

  6. Strong feelings of willpower and courage to move forward on a project (anything actually) that comes from deep within.

  7. Victories will come - however I’m going to be honest with you and say it will seem like there is some difficulty getting there.

  8. By tapping into the confidence and powerful force of this time you can stay on task, and you may even find yourself in a situation of taking off in an area of life you’ve been working at.

Last but not least if you know your energetic chart and have something at 0 degrees (or close) in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius pay MORE attention. This is affecting you on a deeply personal level.



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