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Today we start a new moon cycle. This phase will last until the next New Moon. Every Moon Cycle has its own feeling. This one seems to be pulling us in different directions. There is change in the air. The eclipses are starting in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. Today’s New Moon is not an eclipse, but the Full Moon on June 5th is. Throughout this rotation we are ending an eclipse cycle while starting another. Meaning the focus in an area of your life is shifting emphasis to another. Where is that? It will depend on your own unique birth chart set up. If you are curious, book a reading.

Today’s new moon brings out polarity inside you. Our insight is maturing (slowly as we look back)! Over this week new observations and awareness came. There may have been a feeling of hope. Yet now a heaviness has hit. This probably started over the past 24 hours. A realization, fear or anxiousness that wasn’t felt before. The reality of what you thought you came to know showed up with complications. Insecurities. Saturn!! “Prove it!” his energy screams. Can you stay with this new profound insight while looking at your subconscious and move forward? Honestly, right now probably not. Venus Retrograde is in the same part of the sky as this New Moon. This perception may become permanent, but not without time and commitment. Most likely, there is more to review over the next month. Be open to the flow of information coming to you. IF YOU CAN, stay sincerely open to what the bottom-line fear is. Do this by asking yourself questions like,

When have I felt this before?

BUT Why am I jumping to this conclusion?

Is there an underlying fear causing me to (fill in the blank)?

Do I truly have any control in this?

Am I listening to my Soul?

Am I Loving Me???

If you are a person who does New Moon rituals, make this one full of feel goods. What helps you feel cared for in a ritual? Understand if you make goals to have patience and be open minded with them to modify throughout the cycle. If you can, try out having one of your goals to flow with the information as it comes in real time. We only have now. This could make it a fun adventure as you journal and see what shows up this month. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for disappointment while possibly turning in on yourself. Please don’t do that!! Love you just how are. The imperfections, the mind changing, the all of you. Always remember to Embrace All of YOU

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