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Soul Insight Collection

Unveil Your Cosmic Tapestry: 3 Personalized Videos

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 240 US dollars
  • Personalized Video Download

Service Description

Unlock the mysteries of your astrological journey with our exclusive bundle of three 30 – 45 minute personalized video sessions . Delve into the realms of Sun, Moon, Rising, explore the energies of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and navigate the transformative cycles of retrogrades, Saturn Returns, Eclipse Cycles and many more. Each session, spaced six weeks apart, unveils profound insights, remedies, and strategies tailored to you. Embrace the divine within as we illuminate the paths of your astrological chart, allowing you to choose the sessions that resonate most. Awaken to a deeper understanding of self, with each session bringing clarity to your cosmic blueprint. This is your unique package, your cosmic journey—book now and embark on a transformative experience! On the booking page select your 3 Astrological focus areas. Tailor your experience by indicating your specific interest in these celestial realms. This is your opportunity to shape your own package, aligning the sessions with your curiosity and personal cosmic exploration. Book now and step into the transformative world of personalized astrological insights! Current Transit Reading Sun: Illuminate your core essence and life purpose. Moon: Dive into the emotional landscape discovering inner feelings and intuitive tendencies. Rising: Gain a deeper understanding of how others perceive you and the energy you project. Mercury: Unveil the secrets of communication, intellect, and thought processes. Venus: Dive into the realm of love, beauty, and harmony. Discover your romantic inclinations, relationship patterns, and aesthetic preferences, fostering a deeper connection to matters of the heart. Mars: Ignite your passion, drive, and assertiveness. New Moon Cycles: Navigate fresh beginnings and set intentions. Eclipse Insights: Uncover their impact on your life path and evolution. Saturn Return: Embrace the wisdom that comes with navigating your Saturn return, a transformative period marking significant life milestones and lessons. Retrograde Cycles: A life cycle of transformative change inviting introspection and growth. If you find a specific astrological topic not listed but wish to explore it, please don't hesitate to reach out. Astrology offers a vast and intricate tapestry of possibilities, and your individual exploration is important. Let's tailor your cosmic journey together, ensuring that the sessions resonate with your curiosity and bring forth the insights you seek!

Cancellation Policy

Appointments are non-refundable. If you have an extreme situation please let me know ASAP.

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