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SLAY intention bracelet

$44 per bracelet, $6.50 shipping. Use code PICK UP at check out if you want to pick up order.

  • 15 minutes
  • 50.50 US dollars
  • Ship or Pick Up Bracelet - No Session

Service Description

SLAY THE DRAGON - REBIRTH! In a funk you need to shift? Setting goals you keep blowing off? This is an initiator bracelet. It gets you out of bed (literally) and moving. If you have a longer goal in mind these work great too. This energy can be a bit intense making one grumpy! It's an angsty energy that gets S*#& done but works best if you strategically lay out your plan. If you find yourself snappy, you'll want to excuse yourself to take a few deep breaths. This energy works subconsciously as well awaking you as to why you haven't been going for it. Are you afraid of failure? success? Motivation comes to fight through those walls, know what's been stopping you and best - win just by SHOWING UP!! Every intention bracelet comes with a container (bag, box etc) to keep your bracelet and intentions in and a bottle of the energy ingredients they were charged with to add energetic fuel to the bracelet! The bottles can be re-filled with a carrier oil to make this intention bracelet last. Directions are included. - How hard can it be? It's a bracelet! I thought I'd give you a bit more info about the energy itself! These bracelets are fabulous for New Moons and any time you are desiring to concentrate on an outcome! The energies can be mixed and matched to create a unique experience for all. Bracelet Colors: Colors are listed in order of how much is in bracelet. Example: Black Lava with White means the bracelet has more Black Lava Bead than White.  Colors Available: Pick top 3 and add to order form in first to last order BL=Black Lava White w BL BL w Green Tigers Eye Red w BL BL w Red Benefits of Pre-Ordering: Item charged with name of person intended for, can pick color scheme AND less expensive! Subscriptions available. PLEASE READ Until I get my store working on my website these bracelets will be sold as services. THERE WILL NOT BE A SESSION. Pick any session time available. Your bracelet will be shipped/available the next Tuesday unless it's a pre-order. The price of the bracelet is listed with an extra $6.50 for shipping. If you would like to pick up your intention bracelet use code PICK UP. If shipping use code PICK UP for every 3rd bracelet. Refund Policy: As these are energy bracelets and become attached to owner, these are non-refundable. Try to know the intention of whom you are buying for upon purchase. However, I believe it always works out and the universe will guide these to whomever is in need. Thank you for your purchase!

Cancellation Policy

Appointments are non-refundable. If you have an extreme situation please let me know ASAP.

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