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Embrace ALL of YOU: Sun, Moon & Rising

Awaken the Divine Within by Uncovering your Cosmic Blueprint, Three 30-45 Minute Video Readings

  • 2 hr
  • 240 US dollars
  • Video Download upon Receiving

Service Description

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with our Sun, Moon, and Rising Video Readings – a deep dive into the essence of your being. Also known as 'The Big 3' in astrology, these readings illuminate key facets of your personality. The Sun: Illuminate Your Life Goal In this insightful video, discover your Life Goal. The Sun reading unravels the essence of your Identity, providing clarity on your innate qualities, passions, and purpose. Embrace the unique facets of yourself, and empower your journey towards a life that resonates with your authentic essence. The Moon: Dive into Your Tools and Instincts Delve into the emotional landscape with the Moon reading. Uncover the mysteries of your subconscious mind, exploring your Moon sign as the tools and instincts you brought in to navigate life with emotional intelligence and authenticity. The Rising Sign: Unveil Your Bridge to the World Discover the persona you project to the world with the Rising Sign reading. Explore your social personality, communication style, and first impressions. This reading provides insights into your bridge to the world, guiding you to navigate social interactions with self-awareness and authenticity. Benefits: Personal Insight: Deepen self-awareness and personal growth. Confidence Boost: Embrace your unique qualities and strengths boosting confidence. Improved Relationships: Enhance your relationships by understanding your emotional needs. Strategic Decision-Making: Align decisions with your true self and life purpose. Empowerment: Harness the power of self-knowledge to create a life that resonates with your authentic essence. These videos provide practical tips, effective strategies, and thought-provoking questions to assist you in navigating the process. Ignite the spark of self-awareness and embrace the cosmic forces that shape your essence. Empower yourself on this authenticity journey by awakening the divine within. Dive into these 3 videos spaced 6 weeks apart, allowing time to absorb, implement, and create habits that enhance your understanding of You. Ignite self-awareness and embrace the cosmic forces shaping your essence. Whether for yourself or a loved one, our Sun, Moon, and Rising Video Readings offer a transformative experience. Order now and embark on a celestial journey within.

Cancellation Policy

Appointments are non-refundable. If you have an extreme situation please let me know ASAP.

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