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The LIBRA RISING Experience: WHO AM I, now…?!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

The New Moon Ring of Fire Eclipse of October 14, 2023: The LIBRA RISING Experience Question: WHO AM I, now…..?! **You can use your Sun and Moon as more of a Sub-Plot**

On October 14, 2023, a celestial event, known as the Fire Eclipse, is set to have a profound impact. For individuals with Libra Rising (also known as the ascendant), this occurrence is beginning a cycle of eclipses in the axis of the first and seventh houses, bringing about a surreal feeling and prompting a closer examination of various aspects of life.

The first house in astrology holds a special place, often regarded as a mask by some, though it can be argued that it's a fundamental part of one's being. It represents self, identity, vitality and health, first impressions, character, personal psychology and new beginnings. For those with Libra rising, this eclipse prompts a introspection into this aspect of their lives. It's the space where one naturally shifts to when interacting with new acquaintances or navigating social situations.

With the Libra rising energy intertwined with Venus, the planet of love and harmony, the impact of this eclipse is particularly potent. Venus lends an emphasis on aesthetics, balance, and a desire for harmonious connections. It is both the ruler of Libra and this eclipse bringing an affinity between all. Venus being your chart ruler, this Fire Eclipse presents an opportunity to reevaluate how you interact with others, possibly adjusting your approach to achieve greater harmony in relationships, but most importantly asking yourself what patterns you want to shift because it will bring you more peace and personal authenticity.

The axis of the first and seventh houses is all about the self and your self-concept in relation to others. The process of individuation will be calling to you. You will feel a necessity to revisit past actions and behaviors, analyzing them, and deciding on a path forward that allows for personal growth and evolution. You may find yourself daydreaming while submerging yourself into the past. This is perfect as it allows you to see where you have grown and how you want to show that in your life now.

Libra rising individuals may find themselves facing patterns of health with a more critical eye. This eclipse serves as a call to action to either prevent or address these issues.

Libra, as a cardinal sign, possesses an inherent quality of initiation and quick action. Cardinal signs are known for their ability to kickstart change, and Libra, with its affinity for balance and social harmony, brings a swift, yet graceful touch to these changes. This cardinal energy infuses the Libra rising experience, adding a sense of urgency and a readiness to adapt.

Similarly, the first house in astrology shares this cardinal quality, making it a place of rapid transformation. This swiftness is particularly relevant during the Fire Eclipse of October 14, 2023. The intense energy of this eclipse, combined with the cardinal nature of both Libra and the first house, implies that changes in self-identity and relationships may unfold suddenly.

As a Libra rising individual, you may find that these changes manifest swiftly, prompting you to adapt and evolve in real-time. The key is to embrace this cardinal energy and use it as a catalyst for positive transformations in your life. While some changes may seem sudden, they align with your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Embrace the speed of change, for it offers a unique opportunity to redefine yourself and your approach to relationships.

These themes aren't isolated to this eclipse alone; they will continue to be significant through January 2025. The Fire Eclipse sets the stage for an ongoing journey of self-discovery and transformation. It's a chance to let go of old patterns, refine one's identity, and create a more balanced and harmonious approach to life's challenges and relationships. Embrace the changes, and as the fire of this eclipse burns, let it illuminate the path toward a more harmonious and authentic self.

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