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It's SCORPIO Season: How DEEP is DEEP?!


Question for Reflection: How DEEP is DEEP?!

In the mystical realm of astrology, there are few signs as enigmatic and profound as Scorpio. As the sun slipped into Scorpio on October 23, 2023, joining the ever-watchful Mars and the clever Mercury, the cosmos whispered secrets to those who listen, inviting us to explore the emotional abyss that Scorpio embodies.

Mars, the fiery ruler of Scorpio, reigns in a unique, feminine manner within this sign. It's an inward Mars, a strategic sentinel, and a harbinger of intuition. With Mercury's keen intellect added to the mix, Scorpio becomes a master of combining emotion with intellect to achieve their desires. Scorpio is the sign of manifestation and energy manipulation, a keen observer of the profound depths that the world can offer.

Scorpios have often traversed a tumultuous path marked by extreme emotional peaks and valleys. Their lives are a journey through chaos, where they've encountered destruction, fear, and darkness. This sign is a testament to the profound, the intense, and the inevitable cycles of life. The Scorpio's existence is a continuous exploration of the complexities of existence, a relentless pursuit of depth and understanding.

Their path is one that instills a keen awareness of impermanence. Scorpios learn that everything has a fleeting nature, an ephemeral quality that urges them to rely on their instincts. It's in this quest for depth and understanding that Scorpios find solace in sharing with a select few. When you're fortunate enough to enter their inner circle, you've earned a place of privilege. Scorpios are unwaveringly loyal and fixed in their bonds, and they'll stand by your side through thick and thin, provided you don't turn against them.

In the Scorpio's world, trust is a precious gem, and once you've gained it, you're granted access to their profound emotions, their wisdom, and their unwavering support. For those who've walked through life's trials alongside a Scorpio, the depth and intensity of this experience create an unbreakable connection that transcends the ordinary bonds of friendship or love. Scorpios, like the sign they embody, are a testament to the mysteries and complexities of existence, and those who embrace their world are privy to a journey unlike any other.

In its healthiest form, Scorpio rejects the shackles of toxic positivity, embracing life in all its chaotic beauty. It understands that life's tapestry weaves a myriad of situations, and, thus, Scorpio sends out its metaphysical probes to unveil what remains concealed.

If you encounter someone with strong Scorpio energy, you might perceive a calm exterior while, beneath the surface, a tumultuous sea of emotions, ideas, and thoughts swirls. Never attempt to deceive a Scorpio, for their innate ability to sniff out falsehoods is unparalleled. A true Scorpio, when in good mental health, remains vigilant and will uncover the deepest of truths about themselves and others.

Yet, during moments of psychological turmoil, Scorpio can become obsessive, projecting their own life experiences onto others. It's a reminder that Scorpio's depth remains unfathomable to the casual observer. It's as if Scorpios feel emotions on a plane deeper than most can comprehend.

Imagine a still body of water, like a well, serene on the surface but concealing immeasurable depths. Scorpios often feel lonely, as they believe no one can truly grasp their emotions and perceptions. Their superpower lies in sensing deception, from minor white lies to profound life-altering untruths. Over time, they learn to discern what's worth delving into and what can be released as inconsequential.

I often advise those with Scorpio energy that not everything is their business, and that's perfectly acceptable. It can be shocking to realize that someone is deceptive but not necessarily in the mood to discuss it. When the time comes, a Scorpio is a psychological savant and a detective par excellence for those they love.

Strong Scorpio energy in your chart will teach you the art of finding light in the dark. You'll come to appreciate the reverence of working through those deep emotions, asking, "How deep is deep?" There's no definitive answer, but Scorpios have a unique way of navigating life's murkiest waters.

Scorpios often find themselves scapegoated, as their ability to perceive darkness can be projected onto them. This is where self-belief and trust in your own instincts become paramount.

Are you working from intuition or from your own affairs and life history? This question will guide you in harnessing Scorpio's unique ability to manipulate energy. Scorpios are the supreme magicians and manifestos of the zodiac, capable of achieving anything when working on a higher vibration for the greater good.

As we journey through this season of Scorpio, lasting until November 22, when the sun transitions into Sagittarius, take a moment to contemplate the energies you are tapping into. Halloween, a holiday with deep historical roots, is synonymous with Scorpio energy. It's a time when we honor our ancestors and welcome the spirits of the departed, inviting us to connect with the mysteries of life and death.

So, as you embrace the intensity of Scorpio, dive into its depths, and allow your emotions to guide you. In the shadows, you'll discover your own truths, and in doing so, you'll become a master of the enigmatic Scorpio energies. Embrace all facets of yourself; that's the power of Scorpio.


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