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A Week of Powerful Energies, Insert #4: How can I EMBRACE a JOURNEY of AUTHENTICITY?!

Title: A Week of Powerful Energies: Embracing the New Moon in Scorpio

Question for Reflection: How can I EMBRACE a JOURNEY of AUTHENTICITY?!


As we approach the early hours of November 13, 2023, a significant celestial event awaits us – the New Moon in Scorpio. This powerful event signifies a fresh start, a blank canvas to begin anew. New moons represent the birth of new intentions, manifestations, and goals, making it a pivotal moment for self-reflection and setting our intentions. However, there's a twist. This New Moon in Scorpio is swiftly followed by an opposition to Uranus, the cosmic disruptor. It's essential to grasp the profound impact of this celestial alignment, as it will imprint the entire moon cycle that extends through December 12, 2023.

New Moon in Scorpio: A Time of Rebirth

The New Moon in Scorpio heralds a period of rebirth and transformation. It's a cosmic opportunity to wipe the slate clean and set intentions for new beginnings. It's a chance to contemplate what you want to manifest in your life, where you want to grow, and what aspects of yourself you wish to explore further. This new moon encourages introspection and self-discovery, pushing you to confront deep-seated emotions and desires.

Opposition to Uranus: Unexpected Roadblocks

The opposition to Uranus adds a layer of surprise and unpredictability to this new moon. While you set your intentions for new beginnings, be prepared for sudden roadblocks that might appear seemingly out of nowhere. These surprises could manifest as challenges in your environment, unexpected revelations about yourself, or situations involving others. Uranus is a planet that brings spiritual or higher knowledge to the Earth, shaking up your consciousness and challenging you to embrace authenticity.

Pondering New Moon Intentions

As we stand on the threshold of this transformational event, consider these questions to guide your intentions:

  1. What aspects of my life do I want to start anew?

  2. What goals, dreams, or desires do I wish to manifest during this moon cycle?

  3. In what areas have I felt a sense of stagnation or resistance, and how can I navigate the unexpected challenges that may arise?

  4. How do I want to transform and grow during this time?

  5. What emotions and desires do I wish to explore more deeply?

  6. Are there any hidden or unconscious aspects of myself that, even if I can’t fully see them, I can feel stirring within me; and how can I bring them to light or gain awareness?

  7. How can I use this New Moon to embrace authenticity and self-discovery?

  8. What actions can I take to move forward with my intentions, and how can I find the motivation and drive to overcome potential obstacles?

The Profound Impact of a Uranus Shock

When Uranus delivers its electrifying shock, it's not merely an intellectual revelation; it's a visceral experience that penetrates your very being. You may feel it as a deep inner shaking, as if the ground beneath you has shifted. Your body might react with a surge of adrenaline, your heart racing as you grapple with the unexpected. The shockwaves of Uranus can resonate through your entire physical being, leaving an indelible mark. They can also occur outside yourself in different situations, especially in the context of an opposition, where they can be both happy and testing surprises. It can go either way. It's as if the universe has thrust you into the realm of profound understanding, unveiling truths that have been shrouded in the depths of your consciousness. It's not a gentle nudge; it's a cosmic force that demands your attention.

The physical and emotional reverberations of a Uranus shock may leave you feeling disoriented and in awe of the magnitude of knowledge suddenly unveiled. As we approach the New Moon in Scorpio and the subsequent opposition to Uranus, prepare to navigate these powerful waves of insight and change with open hearts and receptive minds. Embrace the transformation and the deep, meaningful impact of this cosmic awakening.


This New Moon on November 13, 2023 arrives on the heels of a profound eclipse cycle, marking the end of a set of eclipses in the house of Scorpio and Taurus. It's worth noting that the conclusion of an eclipse cycle in this particular axis is significant. The eclipses have been instrumental in reshaping your life, highlighting areas of transformation, and prompting deep inner shifts. This New Moon acts as a turning point, allowing you to move forward, leaving behind the remnants of the past, and embracing fresh beginnings. Moreover, the synchronicity of the Mars cycle ending (more to come in a later insert), amplifies this theme of growth and renewal. As we bid farewell to old patterns and experiences, there's an opportunity to embark on a transformative journey, aligning your life trajectory with your authentic desires. It's about harnessing the power of these celestial events to step into a new phase, unburdened by the past and empowered to shape your future.

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 13, 2023, is a moment of rebirth, transformation, and self-discovery. It's a time to set intentions for new beginnings and prepare for the unexpected challenges that may arise. As we move through this powerful moon cycle that extends to December 12, 2023, stay open to revelations about yourself, your environment, and your path towards authenticity.

LOVE YOU ALL and Embrace All of YOU!


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