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A Reflection: WHERE do I see CHANGE?!

A Reflection: Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and the Shifting Energies of the Zodiac Question: WHERE do I see CHANGE?! **Sun and Moon can be used as Sub-Plots**

As we approach the upcoming lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28, 2023, let's take a moment to reflect on the cosmic journey we've been on for the past year and a half. Eclipses have been gracing us with their celestial presence on the Taurus-Scorpio axis and they've brought transformative energies into our lives.

Eclipses come in pairs, like the lunar cycle, which includes both new moons and full moons. Solar eclipses are akin to new moons, heralding fresh beginnings, while lunar eclipses mirror the energy of full moons, marking a time of culmination and closure. At times lunar eclipses have also been compared to the emotional response you are having to these changes.

In the weeks leading up to the recent "Ring of Fire" solar eclipse on October 14, we explored the possibilities each rising sign had during the start of this new Aries/Libra cycle. But now, as the lunar eclipse approaches, it's time to dive deeper into the lessons learned and manifestations achieved during this past eclipse cycle of Taurus/Scorpio.

The celestial tapestry we find ourselves in is truly remarkable, with the solar eclipse on October 14 marking the beginning of a new eclipse cycle that will go forward for a year and a half, while the lunar eclipse on October 28 serves as the culmination of a profound journey that has unfolded over the past year and a half.

To help you navigate and reflect on this journey, the reference table below shows you what article to read in the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse series to get an idea of what theme you are leaving behind. Look to your rising sign and read the Solar Eclipse Reference Article and ask yourself, “Where do I see change?” What has happened over the past year and a half where you see growth and culmination amongst these topics.

Rising Sign Solar Eclipse Reference

Taurus Libra Rising or 1st House

Gemini Scorpio Rising or 12th House

Cancer Sagittarius Rising or 11th House

Leo Capricorn Rising or 10th House

Virgo Aquarius Rising or 9th House

Libra Pisces Rising or 8th House

Scorpio Aries Rising or 7th House

Sagittarius Taurus Rising or 6th House

Capricorn Gemini Rising or 5th House

Aquarius Cancer Rising or 4th House

Pisces Leo Rising or 3rd House

Aries Virgo Rising or 2nd House

These two eclipses, though intertwined, represent two distinct aspects of our lives. The solar eclipse symbolizes new beginnings, and transformation. It’s a time to embrace change and look for new chapters. Conversely, the lunar eclipse signifies the completion of a cycle, where we see changes that were set in motion during the past year and a half. It’s a time of reflection, closure, and a chance to celebrate the result of our efforts. Together these eclipses guide us through the intricate dance of life, weaving the threads of transformation and culmination into the beautiful tapestry of our cosmic journey.


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