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1 FREE VIDEO for my clients/followers for my new product - Unlock the Power of YOUR New Moon cycle!

Manifest Your Intentions and Guide your Life throughout each Lunar Cycle with personalized videos.

I have a new offering I'm so very excited about BUT I'm getting it out late so I'm offering a deal. I don't want my clients to miss out on knowing about the eclipses in their unique charts.

ORDER BY TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10TH and I'll add 1 extra FREE Moon Video to your purchase for the eclipse on Saturday, October 14th making it 4 New Moon Videos customized just for you!

You will not get it one week before but it will BE A HUGE HELP to understanding the next year and a half.

Wherever the eclipses hit in your chart create a theme for that time period. They also link to themes in the past that I'll explain in your video.

When you order mention this email on the booking page for the extra FREE video.

Here's the description and link to the new product:

Welcome to a transformative journey through the cosmos! This New Moon Video Series offers you a unique opportunity to harness the celestial energies and align them with your personal destiny. Over three consecutive months, you will receive exclusive video insights tailored to your astrological chart, revealing the profound impact of each New Moon's placement in your life. These 20 - 30 minute videos will be delivered at least 1 week before the New Moon. This regular and timely delivery ensures you have ample time to prepare and align your intentions with the upcoming lunar cycle. 🌙 Discover the Benefits: Illuminate Your Path: The videos will shed light on the specific areas of your life influenced by the New Moon's position in your birth chart. Gain clarity on relationships, career, finances, and more. Empower Your Intentions: Each New Moon marks a fresh beginning, a chance to set intentions and manifest your desires. With this guidance, you'll learn how to harness this energy to achieve your goals. Navigate Life's Seasons: The New Moon's position changes every month, affecting different aspects of your life. Stay ahead of the cosmic curve and make informed decisions. Deepen Self-Awareness: Understanding your astrological chart and the New Moon's influence will help you uncover hidden talents, overcome challenges, and grow on a personal and spiritual level. Enhance Your Manifestation Skills: Learn practical rituals and exercises to amplify the power of your intentions during each New Moon phase. Transform your dreams into reality. Join us on this celestial journey, and let the New Moons guide you toward a life of purpose, abundance, and self-discovery. Don't miss out on this opportunity to tap into the universe's wisdom and create the life you've always envisioned. Embrace your Cosmic Flow with this New Moon Video Series and embark on a journey of self-realization and manifestation like never before. Sign up today and start manifesting your dreams under the guidance of the stars. 🌌✨ * First video will arrive for the next Lunar Cycle if booked at least 2 weeks before the New Moon. If booked later, you will receive your 1st video for the following New Moon cycle. If you're running a bit late in booking and would like me to try to get it to you please let me know in the booking sheet.

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